Elbaite, Brack prospect
Meriden Mineral Club
Show Dealer List

The dealer list is subject to change without notice:

Argentum Sales (Mike Haritos)

Berkshire Minerals and Fossils (Carol Ann Homon)

Cardinal Minerals (Keith Van Iderstine)

Eden Antiques (Joan Eden)

Fantasy in Gemstones (Wayne Hardy)

Fowler's Minerals (Ernie and Selena Fowler)

Goodrocks (Chris Wong)

International Mines Outlet (Carl & Anita Barney)

JNL Minerals (Lawrence Bull)

Krismark Fossils (Richard King)

Mineral Movies (Jeff Fast)

Minerals of the World By Jonathan (Jonathan Feigin)

Nature's Choice (Bob Martinchek)

Never Enough Minerals (Jim & Angela Fowler)

Poulin Minerals (Bud & Polly Poulin)

Steve Miller Rocks (Stephan Miller)

Stonewalls, Etc. (Bill Clark)

Well-Arranged Molecules (Kevin Downey)

Yankee Minerals (Ted Johnson)